Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Christmas at Mima and Snow's

We started off Christmas on Thursday night at your Mima and Snow's with the Rauls side of the family. You had a lot of fun playing with your cousins but were starting to get a little sick. You had your one year shots yesterday. You were coughing a little bit but did not let it get you down. Your Aunt Nancy got you the cutest personalized book. You loved me reading it to you since it said your name and also had your cousins in it too. You were precious and it reminded me how fast time flies. Last year you did not even fill out your newborn Christmas outfit and now you look like a little girl. How blessed we are to have shared this year with you.

One sick little girl
Today has been probably the sickest day you have ever had. You have felt absolutely terrible. You have slept almost all day. You woke up around 8:30 stayed awake until 9:30 back to sleep until 1, awake until 2:30 back to sleep until 6. I woke you up to try to get you to eat something and open presents and you stayed awake until 7:30 and then crashed and slept all night except for a couple of crying spell because you couldn't breathe or was coughing so hard. You threw up for the first time on mommy. (not just spit up anymore!!!!) I felt awful for you and just wanted to switch placed with you so bad. The pictures do not show how bad you felt. Your fever was 102.6. The highest it has ever been.


We always have Christmas at Nana and Papa's the weekend before Christmas so you, Tyler, and Tori can be at your houses for when Santa comes. We had a great time with them and you really got too many presents. Thanks mom and dad for the precious table and chairs for Lexi! She loves them!~

First Birthday!

I must say this has been the most amazing year in my whole life. You have truly changed my entire mentality, emotions, thoughts, priorities, and most of all heart. You are a blessing from God that is so overwhelming. You are the most precious things to your daddy and me in this world. We are so proud to call you ours!
This morning you spent with Andi and played your little heart out while I gave a baby shower for our good friends Jason and Laney. They are having a little girl named Merritt whom I am sure will be one of your good friends! Then we took off to Glenwood to Nana and Papa's house for your party. As you will soon learn this is a tough time of year to have a birthday party because everyone is so busy with Christmas plans and parties. This is to explain why your Aunt Tiffy, Uncle Scotty, Tyler, Tori, and other friends could not make it. Tiffy, Tyler, and Tori did drive all the way from Texarkana to give you your present and spend a little time with you, which you loved. It was a great party and you were shown so much love. Thanks to Mima, Snow, Aunt Rhonda, Uncle Scott, Abigail, and Brady for making the long drive to Glenwood. We really appreciate it! As the pictures show you had a great time!
Happy 1st Birthday Sugar!! You are our Sunshine~ Love, Mommy
Today we went to see Dr. Becton for your one year check up. She said you were doing great and could not believe how much you are talking. You are not walking independently yet but said that most children are either motor or verbal and you definately take after your mommy and are a verbal child! You can now fill in the blanks to "You are my sunshine" for sunshine, happy, and gray. You can sing part of the B-I-B-L-E. You say bibib bibib. You love saying e-i-e-i-o. You repeat anything I say and are shaking your head yes and no appropriately. You ask for "milk", momma, can still say A, B, C, and D and then now L, M, N, sometimes O, and P. You will repeat letter when we play with them in the bathtub. You have said yellow and blue. Lexi, it is really too numerous to count. You say TyTy, Tiffy, Aditi, Papa, Nana, Mimi, Momma, Daddy, and are working on all you other family!
Weight: 23lbs 6 oz
Height: 29 inches
Clothes: 12-18 months
Size 4 diapers
Almost completely off the bottle, eating all table food, your favorites are grilled cheese, sausage, Nana's breakfast, deli meats (isn't that grose!), and cherrios.
You are our sunshine.
You got 4 shots today. MMR, Hep B, Flu vaccine, and chicken pox vaccine. Sorry. You handled it like a champ though. I am so proud of you.

First Thanksgiving

This has to be the absolute best Thanksgiving EVER and also your mommy's best birthday ever! We got up and ate a big breakfast and your Nana had pancake's which is my favorite. You loved them and ate soooo much! You had an entire egg, 1 piece of sausage, and some pancake! You are a big eater. Then we played and got ready for the big lunch. The whole family came....You loved playing with your cousins and swinging, playing the piano, and being with your Nana. You became her little girl this weekend. You did not want her to leave your sight and just loved on her so much it almost made your momma a little jealous! :)
Friday, we all went to your late Great Grandpa West's farm at Caddo Gap and picked a Christmas tree for Nana and Papa's barn. It was so much fun. That night you stayed with your Nana and Papa and your mommy and daddy went on a date. We went to dinner with LeighAnn, Landon, Dakota, Dicky, and Freda at McClards and then on to the movies. It was a great time...thanks mom and dad.
Saturday, your momma and daddy's college alma mater was in the football playoff so your daddy went to the game and then we met Robyn, Ken, Anna, Layne, Mima, and Snow at Peyton Creek for supper. You loved seeing your other cousins and we just wish we had a longer time to visit!
It was a great Thanksgiving weekend and you were completely pooped out! You slept from 6:30 last night to when I woke you up at 7 this morning!!!PS...Thanks to Amy for the rocking you see she LOVES it!


You are now 11 moths old!!!
I am so proud of you :) It is the best thing in the whole world to be your mommy. Thank you God for giving me such a blessing. You are now really coming into your own. You babble all the time and say so many words. You try and repeat everything we say. You are trying to walk but are too scared to take that 1st step. You wear size 4 diapers, 12-18 month clothes, size 4 shoes, and eat everything in site! You still take a bottle but we are mixing a little real milk in the picture now. You gulp it down like it is the best thing ever! You have been visiting your nana and papa lately and think they are the greatest people ever! (thanks mom and dad) We are getting ready for your first birthday and we love you and thank you for the best year in our lives.


First plane ride
Last weekend we flew to Abilene to visit your daddy's sister, brother-in-law, and all your cousins. You were perfect on the plane. I was so worried. We even had to change flights in Dallas both ways and it did not phase you. The only glitch is that your mommy had the stomach virus on the way home......We would not have made it had it not been for the great flight attendant! Thanks for helping mommy through it~


10 months
I am a little behind in getting this posted because we have been up to a lot of stuff! You are now 10 months old and are sooooo much fun. You are trying to mimic all we say and even with the tone and attitude added in to your talk~ You can say too many words to list but the fun parts is what your daddy has taught you to say\... We can ask you what do you do in your diaper and you say in response..."peepee" I can ask you where is mommy's mouth and you grab my mouth. You make a kissing noise when I ask you to blow me sugar. You give me "five." This is added on to what you were already doing last month.
You still LOVE your bath and get so excited when I ask you if you want to take a bath. You pitch a fit when it is time to get out.
You are pulling up on everything and starting to let go but you are not taking any steps unless we are holding your fingers or are behind a toy. You are really not that interested in walking.
You eat everything we give you plus some :) You are not like your mommy that is for sure...I am a very picky eater, unfortunately. Your daddy has broken me from a lot of my old ways...No more just meat and bread hamburgers~You are in size 12-18 month clothes and wear a size 3 diaper. I think we are fixing to have to move up to a 4 though.
Each day gets better and every moment sweeter with you! I love you more than the stars and to the moon and back~ Mommy


Sugar, you have had a tough time all weekend. We have tried so hard to make you feel better but without any success! We are not sure if you are teething, growing, or just being onery but this weekend has been like no other! Saturday we took you to the pumkin patch and as you can tell you did not like being there. It was not the pumpkin patch it was anywhere at all this weekend. I could not leave the room without you crying, hard. You did not want to be put down but you did not want to be held.....needless to say, it was very trying. We are sorry you did not feel like yourself and are hoping tomorrow will be a new day with a new attitude :) Also, you were not good at all at couple's baby shower after church would not even play with your friends Ella, Paige, and Dawson. You even tried to hit Dawson when he kissed you. I have to say I am not that upset about you not liking the kissing :) I love you baby girl.

Ortho Picnic

We had a great time this Saturday at the Ortho Family Picnic. Almost everyone in the department was there. We just hung out and the kids played so hard! Lexi, you slept for 4 hours after we got home~ The guys played kickball, softball, and football and basically wore themselves out as well. I had a great time visiting with all the wives and their kids. Only the ants spoiled our good times~ :)


Friday night we went to Rison to see the mighty Wild Cats play.....As you will soon find out this is your daddy's high school alma mater. Football is a BIG deal! I went and took you so we could see Beth and Sloan. Sloan's daddy, Beth's husband is the coach for the team Rison played, Bearden. You see, Beth is my best friend from high school and Sloan is her little boy. We tease that we are going to arrange you guys marriage....hahaha. Like that could every happen :) You come from your mommy with a mind of your own, thank goodness.Abigail, you look precious in your cheerleading outfit! You are the prettiest cheerleader ever! :) Your Aunt Nill loves you very much!Kay, thanks so much for the collage of pictures. You are very talented to do that!
We had a great time but you were a little overstimulated since you stayed up almost 3 hours past your bedtime! We celebrated your daddy's 27th birthday Saturday with a trip to Jevin's. He grilled some great steaks and you loved the baked potatoes and ice cream cake. We hope he had a great day!
New seat

This past week I went and finally purchased you a new care seat. I never found the perfect one that I was looking for so I just gave in and bought one because you were miserable and had completely outgrown your old one. You seemed to like it. Sunday morning on the way to church was your first ride...
Also, just to say I did document that good AND the bad you are not too fond of going to Sunday School. In fact, you cry everytime I hand you to your teacher. She is the only one ever you have cried with...well, besides you Sungeeth and I do not know why there....
It breaks my heart! I hope you outgrow that soon because I can't handle it and I want you to have fun at church!


Busy, challenging week
I just wanted to share some feelings with you that I have been dealing with this week. I have had a very tough week with being pulled from all directions. It started on Sunday with me having two papers due and a test on Tuesday. I had one paper almost finished and your daddy accidently erased 9:30 PM. No, I did not yell and scream like I wanted to. He was very sorry and tried to fix it but could not. That night I was up most of the night trying to redo that paper and finish the second one. I am telling you all this for you to know why I am continuing in this manner. I would quit my job, master's degree, anything in a heartbeat if I thought my doing these things were hurting you in any way. I am convicted to DO these things to raise you in a manner that I feel is important. I want you to see by my example how to be an independent, self-sufficient, yet submissive, women of God. I do not feel that I am being "less of a mommy" to you by sharing you with Jessica on the days I work.(you love her, by the almost hurts my feelings how much you do!!) The time we have together is so precious and the quality of that time is unmatchable.
My dad raised me with the idea that I could do anything I wanted to do....As a women, I should be able to support myself if needed. You have a great daddy that is supportive of whatever I choose and he told me as I was freaking out Sunday night, "Lexi will be so proud to have you as her mommy." This almost made me cry~ That is exactly what I want you to feel and in that feel proud of yourself to go after your dreams. I always wanted to be a nurse practitioner and I am 1 year away from that goal. Having that degree actually does not mean that much to me personally anymore but I would not dare quit now and have to tell you someday that I was a quiter. That is not what we Rauls girls do!
I want you to know you are loved more than anything on earth by your parents. We are so proud to have you are our daughter. No matter how busy your daddy may are always his top priority, as you are mine. He gives so much of his life to help others and I am so proud of him. He feels called and blessed by God to do this. We are very blessed to have him as ours.
This is a quite personnal and close to my heart revelation. I admire all women for following their hearts. I feel I am sacrificing to give you certain values and ideals that I feel are important just as every mommy feels they have to do. Hopefully, I will be at home with you full time someday but right now I can accept and enjoy working part time and finishing my degree. You are the reason I am finishing. I have to keep telling myself this as I have been very close to quitting all week. I have slept very little and worked very hard while you have been asleep. I do no homework until you go to bed. I love walking in your room when I need a break and seeing your little hiney sticking up in the air. You have made me complete.

9 Months

You are nine months old today. We celebrated by taking you to the park. You loved swinging and going down the slide. The slide was a little much for mommy but you thought it was great. We walked down there and you are so hot natured you sweated the whole walk. It is so funny because I am so cold natured. It is amazing you came from me! You have such a mind and body of your own. You are now talking ALL the time. You can say so many words that you just repeat after us and do not use all the time. It is so precious when I am singing the alphabet to you I can say "LMNO" and I pause and you say "P." I had a fit the first time you did this and think you are the smartest thing in the whole wide world! You will say "cheese" when I bring out the camera and say it to you...already quite the poser for pictures. You love to say "bye bye" and say it a lot~ You will say duck in the bath and repeat a lot of the letters when I say them.
You crawl all over the house, fast and put everything you find in your mouth which has made me clean the house a lot more :) I am so worried you will put a piece of dirt or something in your mouth! You eat absolutely everything but refried bean are probably one of your most favorite. Isn't that funny!!! La Hacienda's are your favorite! They know you by name at the Little Rock restaurant.
You are in size 12 months clothes and size 3 diapers. Thanks for the best nine months ever and I am looking forward to all the best times of my life with you. Mommy
Yesterday we went and saw Dr. Becton for your 9 month check-up (yes, it was a little late). She thought you were a big girl too! You weigh 20 lbs 15 oz. and are 28 inches tall. Your daddy says you will be taller than me by the time you are in 6th grade! This is probably true because even now when I carry you around you look bigger than me.
She said you were right on target and that your verbal skills are very advanced which makes mommy so happy and proud. She said the downside to this was that we needed to watch out for you to start throwing temper tantrums because you can't say what you want to and it is frustrating to you. She said we just have to walk away and not pay attention to you and this will be hard. We saw Aunt Tiffy for a minute after your appointment since she was in town and it was so good to see her. She went out of her way a lot to make sure she saw you and we appreciate that very much!
Dr. Becton also said that you needed to continue with the bottles for two more months and then we can wean you and that you need to start drinking from a sippy cup more which may be a problem. You do not like them and would much rather just drink from a straw (all the time). You were so happy and sweet to everyone in the office and you were a big hit! Thanks for being so precious and the love of our life!

8 months

Hanging out at my a box!

Each day is new with you. You are growing and changing so much. As you can see in the picture, in the blue dress we are having to hold you behind the walker and in your pink onsie you are standing all by yourself. This is in a span of two days. Also, you love giving kisses which is what you are giving me and I love it! It is so crazy how much we pass on to our little ones....In the picture of you sleeping you have one leg out which is exactly how I sleep. I called your daddy in your room and asked him what he noticed about you and he said, "she sleeps just like you." Isn't that funny!!!
Also, you are scooting anywhere you want to go. You are not on all floors daddy says you slither around like a little snake :) It is precious. You are talking so much now. You say hi, hey, daddy, and Ella (Jessica's little girl). You also, clap your hands together when you feel like it! I love you precious!!!

Looking back over the last two months it really shows me how much you have grown and changed.
Weight: 19.7 lbs
clothes: too many, but still 6-12 months or just 12 months
Hair: finally comes over ears and requires brushing and can get a hairbow to stay, for a long time!!
Food: anything that comes near you, really you love to eat!! You are getting tired of baby food and would rather eat whatever me or your daddy is eating. You really love fruit or veggie puffs. You will crawl so fast to get to them! You do not like broccoli or spinach and that is it! You drink 4 8oz bottles/day.
Words: daddy, hi, hey, ella, mama, yea
You can crawl all over the place and you love to clap! Anytime we say yea Lexi you start to clap or if we say pat-a-cake. It is so sweet. You love anyone and everyone. You give smiles and kisses to whoever wants you. I am so glad you like other people! You have gotten to stay at your mima and snow's and nana and papaw's this month. You loved every minute of both trips. You had a little fever virus that cancelled our shopping trip to Dallas, but I forgive you! :) There will be many more I'm sure. You still sleep by yourself and from around 8 to 7-7:30 the next morning, uninterrupted. You are the best baby girl in the whole wide world to your mommy and daddy. Every day your daddy looks at you and says, "She is so awesome." You are the world to us.

7 months

This past month has been a fun filled, fast paced time. We have gone to the beach for a week, to Lake Degray for several days, and daddy has started his new job. You have been growing like a weed as well.
Weight: 17.3 lbs
Diapers: size 3
Clothes: 6-12 or 9-12 months
Food: anything and everything! You really love the fruit and veggie puffs. You have been working very hard at learning to feed yourself and are doing a great job of it. You still eat around 4 - 8oz. bottles. On our last visit to Dr. Becton she said she wanted you to eat at least 30 oz. of formula a day, which is a lot! You eat 1 jar of baby food for breakfast and dinner with snack in between. You are working on drinking from a sippy cup and have not quite mastered it yet. The nubby sippy cups are the best for you.
Toys: You like your excersaucer still, walker, toy keys, the remote, straws, discovery ball, and blocks
You are still working on crawling, not there yet! You can sit up like a champ, roll anywhere you want to go, wave hi and say "hi", say dada and many other indiscernable things. You are constantly talking, singing, and wanting to play indian~ mommy patting your mouth while you are yelling. You think it is hilarious. You give sugars to everyone and now pat me and squeeze me around my neck when I ask to give mommy love. (It is so awesome I can hardly stand it!) You reach for the people you want to go to and turn your head to people you don't. ( I have no idea where you get that attitude :))While you drink your bottles you still like to cuddle with me and I love it but while you are eating you raise your arm above your head and wave it the entire time and wave hi. Nana says you are praising the Lord!! It is precious.
Many new things this month and I can imagine it will be more and more each month to come. I love you more than life itself and you bring me immeasurable joy each day.


We had a wonderful weekend! Your daddy did not get to spend it with us but we still had fun. We went to Iron Mountain on Lake DeGray with all of my family. Lynn, Laurey, Devon, Dakota, LeighAnn, Jeff, Landon, Dickie, and Freda were all in from Dallas. Nana, Pawpa, Aunt Tiffie, Scotty, TyTy, and Tori were all there as well. We stayed in some condos and had a wonderful time. Thanks mom for babysitting a lot this weekend and letting me relax and water ski. Daddy had to work but did get to come for a few hours yesterday. Yeah! The picture of you in the yellow outfit is special because that was mine when I was a baby~ Your nana could not believe it! You were an absolute angel and everyone fell in love and could not believe what a good baby you are. You loved on everyone and were happy the entire time. Thanks for being so good. It makes my job as mommy so easy. I love you! It was so good to spend some time together with everyone. Family is what makes a person complete. I can't believe that Devon is practically an adult and Dakota is going in 7th grade. Lexi, your mommy is definately aging! It is wonderful though because now I have you~ I love you baby girlYou have started giving kisses now and gave them away all weekend! I am so proud. You almost have waving "hi" down pat! We'll keep working :)

First beach trip

Lexi, I have to say the beach is a whole new experience with you. Enjoyable but a whole lot of work. I never new that I could worry so much in such a short time. Is it too hot, too breezy, too much sand, too much noise, not enough fluids, ect. The list goes on and on. It did not help that you had some sort of virus where you did not drink your bottle or any fluids for that matter. I was feeding you from a medicine dropper at one point and praying you would take 1 oz! You usually love your bottle. You would only take baby food and I would mix some water and formula with that. It was a scary experience to say the least. You are finally getting better today now that we are home. It lasted 5 whole days!
The trip to the beach was not bad at all. You slept the majority of the time. We got there and it was on with all your cousins. You did great with them. You all played together and I learned you take after your momma and can hold your own :) You actually pushed Brady down- He was playing with your excersaucer and you had enough and pushed your hand out and down he went. I could not help but laugh. You loved the water but was not so sure about the sand. I have so many great pictures of you I just can't share them all! You have turned into quite the momma's little girl and with through a little fit when I leave the room or am not there. Needless to say, you are going to have to get over that one!!
We love you baby girl and thanks for making life so enjoyable!