Thursday, October 14, 2010

Punkin' Patch

We found a pumpkin patch to go to this year! Hill Ridge Farms in Youngsville, NC :) It is HUGE with TONS to should be stated that there were also TONS of people there!! We went while mom and dad were here visiting so thankfully they could assist in monitoring the madness...haha!
We went on a train ride, hayride, played in the maze, the huge slide, picked pumpkins, and completely and totally wore the kids OUT!
                                                      When did she become so GROWN???
                                                 It appears sweet and innocent....see below....
                                                                  Nana and Papa
                                                            Mom.....she's messing with me again!!!
                                                                 Get her OFF OF ME!!!!!!
                                                                Me and the hubs
                                           I LOVE this!! They painted all sorts of fall on hay bales.....
                                                      We tried....the best of MANY attemps
                                                                      My little blue eyed darling :)
                                                        She CAN be so sweet when she chooses :)
                                          Ready for the train ride they waited over and hour for....
                                                          Pickn out a punkin'
                                                        I LOVE letting him just have at it with his ice cream!

We had a blast and are SO glad mom and dad were able to come out and spend a few days here with us! We were missing them so much and it is just never enough....I am counting down the days until Thanksgiving break already!!