Monday, July 11, 2011

Being real

I have learned a lot about living in an apartment this year none of which I enjoy- sadly :( All that to say I may completely LOOSE IT before the next 9 days are up!!!!!! Last night the lady above me starting vacuuming at MIDNIGHT and tonight she is doing laundry and sounds like herding cattle upstairs! Now, bless her heart I was working too but COME ON! UGH! I told Russ I almost got up and went and put a post-it on her door that said- please remember you have neighbors below that can hear everything.....even when you get up at 5:45 AM and use the potty- seriously I can! I have been psycho about trying to keep the kids quiet this year...don't stomp, don't yell, don't fill in the blank- bless their hearts they are sick of it as well as I am sure our neighbors can say ugly things about us too but at least I cook them treats and apologize obsessively about it! :)I will be SO grateful to be in a house and I pray if I even live in apartments again I get a townhouse!!!!