Friday, January 31, 2014

It matters

Last night while at our Heart Gallery showing God pierced my heart. As I listened to Suzie Evans speak she mentioned a song......a song that I had listened to many times as a child. It prompted a song in my mind by that same singer.....a song my mom and I sang together at a Women's Conference in Benton, AR at Calvary Baptist Church when I was around 9 years old. "Show me how to Love" by Babbie Mason.
Link for the song:
 Show me how to Love

What brought me to tears? I was overcome with the fact I HAD someone who not only TAUGHT me these words but SHOWED me how to live it out. What about all the MANY who don't have anyone in their lives to show them the way? No one to teach them what love is, what sacrifice is, what serving is, and most importantly about my Savior. I remembered every word to the song I sang over 20 years ago so how are we sitting by and essentially allowing children to have HATE, NEGATIVITY, and PAIN poured into their lives daily and expecting them to grow up and not show and share that? TELL ME HOW?! It is time for the church to stand up and take action. It is time for His people to SHOW the love of Christ and quit talking about it. It was NEVER meant for the government to raise our children. It was and still is the CHURCH's privilege. I don't want to ever have to answer for the empty bedrooms in my house and why I allowed them to stay that way.

God, I beg you to move in the hearts of your children. Spur them to action and give them a sense of urgency that today is the day to make a stand. Give me direction and wisdom to continue the fight to open people's eyes to the travesty surrounding them in their OWN communities. Lord, it is YOU who will change their hearts and I am thankful I get to witness the revolution that is coming. You are good, so good. In Jesus name, AMEN!

 Do not allow one more day of brokenness in a child's life. DO what HIS word says for us to do!

PS: The words I sang to that song at 9? CHANGED my's a taste:

I saw a bruised and battered woman
With her hungry children on the street
Then I heard ask in that still small voice
What have you done for the least of these
Lord, please consume with a burning fire
That melts away my complanceancy
Let me moved with love and compassion
Then someone find the way through me

Show me how to love
In the true meaning of the word
Teach me to sacrifice
Expecting nothing in return
I want to give my life away
Coming more and more
Like you each and everyday
My words are not enough
Show me how to love