Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day out with Mrs Jessica

 What started out as the BEST IDEA......

 we ended up more our style at Shorty's hot dogs :)
 there was a LINE
 Will couldn't have been any happier with our choice!
We had been wanting to go the this really neat tea room by Jessica's house and finally decided just to make it happen.....we show up- Will starts acting a FOOL and him and I decide to go across the street to a hot dog restaurant...(which was AMAZING) about 15 minutes later the girls show up???? I tell Jessica how surprised I am to see them to which she starts DYING laughing!!.....Lala got her HEAD stuck in a chair in the tea room!!!!! She was afraid they were going to have to call the fire department to get her out! Somehow she gets her head out while Lexi is crying because they don't have chicken nuggetts on the this point she decides to bail on the tea room and come eat hot dogs with us! It was a wise decision on her part!! We TRIED :) Love you girl!!

Best mother's day present hands down!

My cup runneth OVER

 my loot from Trader Joes
 some kind of weird was good
 all healthy.....
 more gluten-free, vegan food
 My sweet girl!!

 I'm beyond blessed with wonderful friends, especially this one right here!!
 My babies
 The fam!

This is NOT a joke....yes, we saw a horse getting hosed down in a car wash while waiting for Lexi's bday party to finish! It was SO FUNNY!!!

Aunt Andi's visit was closely followed by my bestie since the first grade, Danielle! I did not think I was gonna be able to stand myself I was so excited! We had the BEST time just being together.....who flies halfway across the country and needs NO entertainment???? :) We had a girls night and found this delish restaurant that was gluten-free and vegan.....D had just started her new diet to help control her auto-immune disease sarcoidosis....which it has been an amazing success....I made my first trip to Trader Joe's before her visit and stocked up on goodies....if you can call them that! It was quiet hilarious how stupid I was in that store! :) She went to Lexi's end of the year program with me and then a birthday party for Lexi's best friend....throw in some family pics and that wraps up our visit! It was just what my heart needed!! I knew at that point I was gonna make it and HOME was not too far away!!

Aunt Andi saves the day....again!

 I love her.....
 hanging at the park!

She heard the sadness in my voice and the next week she was THERE!! I am SO blessed to have her as my best friend, confidant, and biggest cheerleader!! Not only do I love her like family but so do my kiddos!!

Lexi's best friend

God answered our prayers and provided a precious, sweet friend for Lexi while we were in Raleigh. She LOVES Delaney!!


 Chillaxin in the car
 Waiting in line to see the Easter bunny
 my first attempt at making chocolates
 My Easter presents

Made a cross cake :)

We got to celebrate Easter at Providence ( one of our biggest blessings from Raleigh) while poor Russ celebrated doing locum work in Georgia! :( The kiddos were precious and we rejoiced in our Saviour!!

Major surgery!!

So then early April rolls around and I finally get the nerve up to have my abdominal hernia....courtesy of 3 kiddos and 3 c-sections repaired. Long story short surgeon said he had never seen a diastasis so severe....I can truthfully tell my kids they messed me up from top to bottom! haha!! My work friends were hilarious though prior to surgery. They had the most fun getting me "ready" for the big day :) Then, after surgery I was pampered with flowers and fruit baskets!! Mom and dad made the drive and spent a week with me helping with the kids while I recovered. VERY THANKFUL!!
 Will loves his papa!!
 Couldn't survive without NANA!!

 They got to see the kids at swimming lessons
 yes, she is trying to lick his face :)

 Mexican food is good anytime.....even post op! lol!

 I could EAT HER UP!
My family!!! Every bump, bruise, rip, tear, and anything in-between is beyond worth it for these guys!!